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With animation cels authentication is generally more straightforward than with autographs. We do of course offer our lifetime Certificate of Authenticity with all of our cels. Further authentication depends on the type of cel that you purchase.

A Disney seal

If it is Limited Edition sericel then there will invariably be a studio seal on the cel itself confirming its authenticity - indeed this is the case with all Disney Sericels. With actual production cels, authentication varies from studio to studio. Some studios provide Certificates of Authenticity with their production cels. If your item comes with a studio Certificate then we will of course provide you with this. You will of course also be able to verify production cels from the fact that they will often still have peg holes (from where they have been in front of the camera) and scene numbers on the very bottom of them - although these can of course be matted out for display purposes.

As with our autographed items, all of our animation cels come from top American dealers with whom we have been dealing for a long time. Accordingly, if the studio itself has not provided a Certificate of Authenticity then we will provide the gallery CoA, which will provide verification of its authenticity. Hopefully, it is evident that with each and every item that we sell we want to give you our unique double safeguard of our lifetime guarantee and sight of your its impeccable pedigree.

New to animation art? Want to know your Sericels from you layout drawings? Have no idea what a stock scene is? We recommend that you view our Guide To Animation Art - it just may open a whole new world of collecting to you.

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