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Going....Your pulse quickens and a single bead of sweat forms and nestles, teetering on the brink of your brow. It won't be long to go now. A raised hand, from the back of the room, puts you on the back foot. But you are not out of it yet - a slight nod of your head puts you back in pole position. All those around you shake their heads - this could be it. A few more painful seconds, which seem like an eternity - then BANG! It's all over. "Sold to the man in the third row......"


Nothing beats the thrill and nervous excitement of a real live auction as you wait on tenterhooks to find out if your bid will be a winning one. Autograph City have sold well over 1000 items on both the now defunct QXL, Ebay and the UACC Auction website over the years. We achieved star seller status on QXL and top seller status on ebay with faultless feedback. As referred to elsewhere on this site, fakes are sadly all too common on internet auction sites. Due to customer demand we have now started listing on ebay. Whilst ebay do now provide some guidance on purchasing autographs buyers should remain wary - whilst there are a number of reputable sellers on ebay, including some UACC Registered Dealers, fakes remain rife. Don`t forget you can always contact us for advice on any signed item. We are always happy to talk autographs!!


All the items that we put up for auction come with full authenticity documentation and are guaranteed for life. Oh and fear not, if you don't fancy the rough and tumble of an auction, and the risk of being outbid at the last moment, all of our lots have competitive 'Buy Now' prices, which will enable you to secure the item of your dreams with just one click.

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