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Autograph City are sellers of the highest integrity - period! . We recognise that our future success is entirely dependent on our reputation. We do not and will not sell fakes. Unlike some memorabilia sellers we are not out for a quick buck, we are knowledgeable philographers who have been collecting for well over a decade. We know the business, we have a large library of resources. We have a large number of contacts and have built up relationships with the best in the business. We draw upon all our experience in obtaining the original and best possible memorabilia for you.

Signed Pirates of the Caribbean Poster - One of many unique items on offer

We leave the silly prices for those who deal in fakes. We believe we offer genuine, authenticated memorabilia at the most competitive prices possible. We have never had any problems with the authenticity of any of the items that we have sold. We would not sell something if we were not 110% confident in it. We are passionate about collecting both autographs and other cels. We want to encourage people into the hobby, but also want to keep it clean from the parasites who want to ruin it for everyone. You should also always feel free to contact us with any questions you have about collecting - whether general or specific, whether it confirms one of our items or not, we will be happy to talk about memorabilia with you for hours!!

We believe that three principles pervade all that we do at Autograph City. By working with these principles in mind we firmly believe that we provide our customers with a professional, informative and helpful service.


We are open about the history of our items. If we have obtained them from another dealer we will tell you who that dealer is so that you can have the ultimate confidence in your item. We provide you with a copy of all supporting documentation. We have an open door policy. Autographs and cels are a passion for us, if you ever want to contact us to ask further questions about collecting we are always delighted to hear from you.


We only want to be associated with quality and only sell the highest quality goods. If you want cheaper, battered, bruised and faded pictures you will have to look elsewhere. We believe that our cels and autographed items should be displayed prominently and all of our mounted items are matted professionally using acid free materials. We view each and every item that we sell as an advert for Autograph City. We want to be synonymous with quality and therefore only sell the best.


We are collectors who first and foremost love the hobby of autograph collecting. We do not and will not deal in fakes. We have been collecting autographs for over 15 years, in that time we have amassed a great deal of experience and knowledge about autograph and possess a vast library of resources. Those items which are not obtained by ourselves in person, come from UACC Registered Dealers. Quite simply if we were not completely confident in an item we would not put it up for sale.

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