Julian Glover, Paul Jerricho & Ian Liston Officially Licensed AT-AT 14x11

This splendid officially licensed 11x14 shows an AT AT in the fierce Battle of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back has been signed by Ian Liston  and Paul Jerricho who both played an AT-AT driver and Julian Glover was was General Veers. All 3 have signed in the black and the purchaser will receive full details of where and when each signed.  The AT-AT (also known as the All Terrain Armored Transport) were a series of heavily armored land vehicles used by the Galactic Empire in the original Star Wars universe.

Among the most awesome vehicles in the Empire's ground combat forces, AT-ATs were unmatched by anything in the Alliance's arsenal. At twenty meters long and over fifteen meters tall, these four-legged monsters towered over the galaxy's battlefields and resembled ancient beasts of war


Ian Liston is also famous for playing Wes Janson in the movie. Janson was a human male pilot native to Taanab who served as a Lieutenant for the Alliance to Restore the Republic during the Galactic Civil War. He served as a gunner for Wedge Antilles at the Battle of Hoth. He was the first member of Rogue Squadron to successfully take down an Imperial walker with the harpoon and tow cable gambit devised by Commander Luke Skywalker. Following the battle, Janson (along with Antilles and Derek Klivian) boarded X-wing starfighters and helped the last Rebel transport, The Bright Hope escape Hoth.


Wes Janson was portrayed by Ian Liston in The Empire Strikes Back. During filming of The Empire Strikes Back, a call was put out for an actor, not an extra, to play an AT-AT gunner. That was Liston's original role in the film, but he was later asked by an assistant director with whom Liston had previously worked to take the role of Janson since the original actor had fallen ill. Thus he ironically played both an Imperial and a Rebel, and in one sequence of the film is in effect trying to shoot himself down.Regarding his scenes as Janson with Wedge Antilles, Liston revealed in 2005 that the two actors were never actually on set together—Liston's double took his place when the scene focused on Lawson (Antilles) and vice versa.

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The Star Wars films are a global success, having entertained generations of fans since the first installment hit cinema screens in 1977. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the magic of George Lucas' far, far away galaxy into your own home.


The force will be with you - always!

Features at a glance.....


Ian Liston, Paul Jerricho, Julian Glover 


AT AT Driver/General Veers


Star Wars


11x14 inches

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