Andy Serkis Signed Gollum LOTR 8x10

"He wants the precious. Always he is looking for it. And the precious is wanting to go back to him... But we mustn't let him have it."


This 'precious' 8x10 of Gollum has been signed by the brilliant Andy Serkis who did such a sensational job of voicing the computer generated character. Drastically changed from his original hobbit form by the power of the One Ring. Blackened skin, thin wispy hair. He had large pale green eyes which shone like lamps in the dark and apparently aided him in keen night vision. He was withered down to a lean frame of skin and bones, but very strong. He was extremely quick, and could hear the slightest sound from a great distance.


Gollum, was born Smeagol in the year 2430 to a fairly prominent family of hobbits. In the year 2463, the day of Smeagol's coming of age, he went fishing with his cousin Deagol. While fishing, Deagol saw something glittering under the surface of the water, dove in after it, and came up with a glittering gold ring. Before even knowing the qualities of the beautiful ring, Smeagol's desire to own it overtook him, and he murdered his cousin for it. Smeagol soon developed many undesirable qualities, which got him banished from his household. Cursing his bad luck and his family, he eventually made his way to a gloomy den underneath the Misty Mountains. Living in darkness, he grew to hate the light of the sun and moon, but the moon he would tolerate. Smeagol stayed there for many years until he was unexpectedly visited by Bilbo Baggins…,


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Peter Jackson’s take on Tolkien’s literary trilogy The Lord of the Rings has proved to be cinematic gold, taking the breath away and capturing the imaginations of audiences all around the world. Few men would be brave enough to even try and tackle Tolkien’s tale, Jackson has done it with such style, aplomb and imagination that one cannot help think that Tolkien himself would have approved. With Tolkien’s work being combined with a stellar cast, stunning locations and scintillating special effects the outcome should never have really been in doubt! Commentators are already describing the films as amongst the best ever made, the public agree with the films topping popularity polls everywhere. Tolkien's words, along with Peter Jackson's faithful adaptation & inspired vision, have created something no one man could equal. This is your chance to bring the magic of Middle Earth into your house – don’t miss out!


One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them, One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them


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Andy Serkis




The Lord of the Rings


8x10 inches

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