Garrick Hagon Signed Biggs Star Wars 8x10 2A

"Hurry, Luke, they're coming in much faster this time. I can't hold them!"


This awesome 8x10 of a deleted scene from Star Wars shows Biggs Darklighter, in which Biggs is deep in conversation with Luke, has been signed by Garrick Hagon. Biggs was Luke Skywalker's childhood friend on Tatooine. The two grew up together and spent much of their reckless childhood careening their T-16 skyhoppers through Beggar's Canyon. They called each other a couple of "shootings stars."


Darklighter was able to live out Luke's long-held dream of joining the Academy. Skywalker, however, had to stay behind on his uncle's moisture farm. When Biggs returned to Tatooine, he was a changed man. He opened Luke's eyes to the true nature of the Empire, and confided in Luke that he had defected from the Empire to join the Rebel Alliance.  Biggs and Luke were reunited a short time later on the fourth moon of Yavin. Together they flew in Red Squadron as they attacked the Death Star approaching the Rebel base. Although Luke was ultimately successful in destroying the Imperial battle station, Biggs was killed when his starfighter was shot to pieces by Darth Vader.


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The Star Wars films are a global success, having entertained generations of fans since the first installment hit cinema screens in 1977.  This is a wonderful opportunity to bring the magic of George Lucas' far, far away galaxy into your own home.


The force will be with you - always!

Features at a glance..... 


Garrick Hagon


Biggs Darklighter


Star Wars


8x10 inches

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