Gert Frobe Signed Auric Goldfinger Display

"No Mr Bond. I expect you to die!"

This quality matted display contains a picture of one of the most memorable Bond scenes of all time (the classic laser scene), together with the very rare signature of Gert Frobe who played Auric Goldfinger in the landmark Bond classic. One of the most famous and sinister of the villains, Goldfinger's remarkable planning and ruthless execution made him more than a match for Bond's ingenuity, whilst Odd Job provided the supreme physical challenge. Only thwarted by 007's irresistible charms, Goldfinger's plan to break into Fort Knox was perhaps one of the most daring to date.

Goldfinger was an obsessive megalomaniac, his main lust was for gold and he would do anything to increase his stocks. Goldfinger is a classic case of a crazed criminal, he appeared to be quite friendly from a distance often laughing and smiling, however this was all selfish applause for himself. Goldfinger would even go to the extend of killing over 60,000 people just get more worth out of his gold. Goldfinger's plan was to use the deadly Delta-9 nerve gas to kill Fort Knox army personal and raid the gold stockpiles, setting a small atomic bomb supplied by Red China on timer, the explosion would render the gold radioactive for 58 years. This puzzled Bond at first as to why Goldfinger wouldn't want to steal the gold, then it was unravelled, by doing this the Western economy would be in crisis, Goldfinger's gold stocks would be worth a great amount more and Communist China would rejoice as they would not be effected by the downfall of the economy.

Tall, portly built German born actor, Gert Frobe,notched up over 100 film appearances, predominantly in German language productions. He will forever be remembered by Western audiences as the bombastic megalomaniac "Auric Goldfinger" trying to kill Sean Connery and irradiate the vast US gold reserves within Fort Knox in the spectacular James Bond film Goldfinger. However, due to Frobe's thick German accent, his voice was actually dubbed by English actor, Michael Collins! Whilst commonly perceived as cold hearted & humorless from his Goldfinger portrayal, quite to the contrary, Frobe was a jovial man and a wonderful comedic performer. His light hearted talents can be best viewed in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968) and Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (1965).

Goldfinger begins innocently enough with a murder, James Bond soon finds himself investigating Auric Goldfinger, a gold dealer who the Bank of England suspects is stockpiling huge amounts of gold bullion. However, he soon uncovers a far more sinister plot called Operation Grand Slam and has a fair bit of bowler-hat-dodging to do from Goldfinger's manservant, Oddjob.

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The Bond films are a British institution which have been entertaining audiences since Dr No first hit screens in 1962. Sean Connery, Roger Moore, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig have all provided different takes on Ian Fleming's literary character and 007 has remained as fresh and appealing as ever. This is your chance to let the world of espionage into your home. This piece is a most definitely licensed to thrill - don't miss out!

The name's Bond. James Bond

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Gert Frobe


Auric Goldfinger




15x14 inches

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