Robert Patrick Terminator 2 Signed Display

"Are you the legal guardian of John Connor?"


This superb Terminator display features a picture of the T-1000 from Terminator 2- and the signature of the star who played the role Robert Patrick.It has been professionally matted using acid free materials. Be sure to check out our other Terminator signed displays! In the first film, a human-looking indestructible cyborg is sent from 2029 to 1984 to assassinate a waitress, whose unborn son will lead humanity in a war against the machines, while a soldier from that war is sent to protect her at all costs.


Kyle Reese (Sergeant, Tech-Com, DN38416) is a soldier in the human resistance from the post-apocalyptic future of The Terminator, where most of humanity had already been wiped out in a deadly nuclear war on August 29, 1997, sparked off by an artificial intelligence known as Skynet. The sentient computer system launched a genocidal war on the survivors. When Skynet sends one of its most feared machines, a T-800 series Terminator, back to pre-apocalypse Los Angeles, California on May 12, 1984, to assassinate the young Sarah Connor, Connor decides to send a soldier to intercept the Terminator. Sergeant Kyle Reese volunteers.


Don't forget that all of items come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity and full details of their pedigree. We are proud to abide with the UACC Code of Practice. For more information about the authenticity of our items read the 'About Us' section of this site.

The Terminator was the film that cemented Arnold Schwarzenegger's place in the action-brawn firmament, and both his and the movie's subsequent iconic status are well deserved. He's chilling as the futuristic cyborg that kills without fear, without love, without mercy. James Cameron's story and direction are pared to the bone and are all the more chillingly effective for it. But don't overlook the contribution of Linda Hamilton, who more than holds her own as the Terminator's would-be victim, Sarah Connor, thus creating--along with Sigourney Weaver in Alien--a new generation of rugged, clear-thinking female action stars. The film's minimalist, malevolent violence is actually scarier than that of its far more expensive, more effects-laden sequel.


Hasta La Vista, Baby!

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Robert Patrick




Terminator 2


i6x11 inches

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