Drew Barrymore Signed E.T. 8x10

"ET phone home!"

This splendid 8x10 brings the magic of Spielberg's landmark 1980s classic ET The Extra Terrestial into your home. The picture which shows Gertie coming face to face with ET has been signed by Drew Barrymore, who after a few years of personal problems, has established herself as a Hollywood starlet.  


While visiting the Earth at Night, a group of alien botanists is discovered and disturbed by an approaching human task force. Because of the more than hasty take-off, one of the visitors is left behind. The little alien finds himself all alone on a very strange planet. Fortunately, the extra-terrestrial soon finds a friend and emotional companion in 10-year-old Elliot, who discovered him looking for food in his family's garden shed. While E.T. slowly gets acquainted with Elliot's brother Michael, his sister Gertie as well as with Earth customs, members of the task force work day and night to track down the whereabouts of Earth's first visitor from Outer Space. The wish to go home again is strong in E.T., and after being able to communicate with Elliot and the others, E.T. starts building an improvised device to send a message home for his folks to come and pick him up. But before long, E.T. gets seriously sick, and because of his special connection to Elliot, the young boy suffers, too. The situation gets critical when the task force finally intervenes. By then, all help may already be too late, and there's no alien spaceship in sight.....


Having shot to fame as Gertie in ET, Drew had a number of unfortunate years in the wilderness battling against drug and alcohol addicition. She has firmly conquered her demons and has become one of Hollywood's leading ladies, and a powerful producer to boot. Her more recent films include 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, The Wedding Singer and of course the two Charlie's Angels movies. She looks set to be a major player for many years to come. Henry Thomas has gone on to appear in films such as the Gangs of New York, although he will forever be remembered as Elliot - ET's loyal and devoted friend!


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After the terror of Jaws and the adventure of Raiders of the Lost Ark,  ET's release showed a further sentimental side to Steven Spielberg's directing bow. The timeless classic about a stranded alien and his loving relationship with a fatherless boy struck a chord with audiences everywhere, and it furthered Spielberg's reputation as a director of equally strong commercial sensibilities and classical leanings. This is a remarkable piece of Hollywood movie history, which would make a fantastic addition to any study or nursery  - don't miss out!


He is afraid. He is alone. He is three million light years from home.

Features at a glance..... 


Drew Barrymore




ET - The Extra Terrestrial





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